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Medicare – The BEST 23rd Birthday Present

So, last week was my 23rd birthday and I got the greatest gift I could ask for. 
I got Medicare.

I haven’t had health insurance since May and for someone like me, it can be really stressful. Not knowing when I’ll be able to get my Orencia Infusion again. 
It is not easy. Especially when the treatments that give me back my ability to walk cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Cha-ching! I don’t think so…!

Because I’ve been without Health Insurance, and therefore, my medication, I’ve felt my Arthritis slowly rearing its ugly head

Everyday without these drugs is a little worst than the day before. 

Luckily, I’ve still been able to do things I haven’t done in years, but even now, just two months without Orencia, I can’t sit in a chair for long periods of time anymore. I need to get up, move around, lay down, change positions because the stiffness in my spine and hips is so painful. I feel more of a difference in my extremities now, my wrists make it harder to write or even type on the computer. My toes are little swollen, painful sausages that make it difficult to sleep.

Even though I’m experiencing more of the regular ol’ Arthritis symptoms, 
I’m still incredibly grateful that I will be able see my Rheumatologis and get my treatments again soon. Without this 23rd birthday gift of Medicare 

(health insurance for old people and the Disabled) I wouldn’t be able to afford these treatments that keep me out of my wheelchair. 

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