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Celebrating the victories BIG and small

What do you like to do to celebrate yourself and your victories? 

I think it’s so important to celebrate the victories B I G and small
It makes me feel good about myself. Good about my place in this world. 
It makes me feel like I’ve conquered something I couldn’t do before. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the disappointments of having a Chronic Illness. Especially when you have a family and responsibilities. On days where I’m feeling less pain than normal, I find myself catching up on chores I wasn’t able to do the day before. 
I often spend the “good days” folding laundry, changing the bedding, cleaning the bathroom, grocery shopping, etc. 

“Bad days” aren’t spend relaxing in bed and watching TV as most people would think. They’re spent covered in Ice Packs from head to toe, laying as still as possible as not to aggrevate the joints that are frozen in place. Attempting to sleep, exhausted from the agony my body is experiencing, but unable to get a wink in. Holding my pee till I can work up the nerve to hobble to the bathroom. Making that trip worth the physical exertion by combining my need to empty my bladder, brush my teeth and my hair, put in contacts, shower,  and change into a new set of pjs (ones I can put on by myself) into one trip down the hall to the bathroom. 

Spectacular sunrise over Miami Beach. Photo © William Wetmore:

But as a wise person once told me, sometimes it’s important to “just sit back and enjoy the good days. Instead of spending my good day doing chores, even if it’s for just a moment, take the time to celebrate it. 
I like to reward myself and my ability to keep moving forward with a chocolate treat or a small gift like a book I’ve been wanting. Sometimes just an experience, an experience not clouded by pain, like laying in the grass, watching the sunset, thinking to myself, “I did it.” 

There’s something so satisfying about dressing up on a day that I feel good. Most days I don’t have a choice but to dress in pajamas. On “Ok” days I take it up a notch by wearing an actual bra and a tee. So when I’m feeling good it’s important to me that I style my hair, put on make-up, and a nice outfit…even if it does take me three hours… 😉 

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, especially when you feel like you’re always playing catch up. But for just a minute, an hour, a day, taking the time to paint my nails, watch the Sunset, or take a long, relaxing shower makes me feel not just like the girl with Arthritis, it makes me feel like a woman, a human being- just like everyone else- again. 

And for the “great days,” there’s always skydiving! 😀

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