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“It’s been Paid for”

The following post was written on my facebook page following my uncle Kevin’s shooting on June 11, 2018. Kevin Valencia, a police officer, was 27 years old when he was shot in the head after responding to a domestic violence call where 4 young children were held and murdered. He is my hero and I’d like to keep these on my blog as a tribute to him.

As of February 9th, 2019, Kevin is still in a coma. Please pray.

Today, as I was standing in the check-out line in the hospital cafeteria, the gentleman in front of me asks, “Do you want me to pay for your lunch?”
Politely I respond, “oh no, that’s alright. You don’t have to do that. I’ve got it.”
More adamantly this man then says, “Do you want free lunch, yes or no?”
I, taken-aback by his persistence, say while stumbling over my words, “but…why?..”
Then, with a huge smile, the man sighs and says, “Trust in God. He is good,” and walks away.

At this point, I’m thinking that this man is crazy, but very sweet and I open up my wallet to pay for my lunch. That’s when the cashier smiles at me and says, “It’s been paid for.”

Instantly I start crying over this small act of kindness. A $5 lunch may seem like nothing to most people, but in this moment when Kevin is upstairs in a hospital bed, all I can think about is God reaching out his mighty hand in this time of need. He sees Kevin and is watching out for him, Meghan, the boys, and the rest of our family.

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