Juliet: How would you encourage young RA sufferers to take control over the disease?

Stephanie: Find a doctor who respects your personal and life goals, your lifestyle choices, and your ideas. We as a society commonly consider male or female doctor preferences, but don’t consider, “bed-side manner” of high importance. 

CR0C3710We prioritize education, training and experience, and overall intelligence higher on the totem pole than how our doctors treat us.
Because RA is a life-long disease, finding a doctor that empowers y
ou as a patient is extremely important. Whomever you choose will be in it for the long haul. For me, finding a doctor who views our relationship as a partnership has been the single most pivotal moment in my life. It’s important to have a doctor who doesn’t just value your insight, but wants and expects it. My experience has changed me from someone who sat on the sidelines in my fight against RA, to the girl in the ring, ready to kick RA in the teeth…HuffingtonPost.com